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Free DNA Sample Collection

Knowledgehub Free DNA Sample Collection Training

Cellmark was the UK’s first DNA paternity testing laboratory.  Now, 35 years on, we continue to be  one the largest most trusted DNA profiling companies in the UK as well as one of the speediest – our next working day results service is standard for all our relationship testing.

Alongside offering a full national network of sample collectors who can collect samples at clients’ homes or offices, Cellmark provides training for local authorities which removes the hassle and expense of sample collection by allowing you to collect the samples yourself.

One of our dedicated trainers will travel to your offices on a convenient date and time and after an hour and a half’s training you will be signed-off as a fully competent sampler.

The practical segment of the training will teach you how to reliably and painlessly take a mouth swab sample suitable for DNA analysis. The theory-based segment will take you through the strict chain of custody procedures we at Cellmark adhere to, ensuring the DNA results are admissible in court.   

The process is simple and straight forward and our trainers will go through everything thoroughly on the day until you feel confident and comfortable with the entire process. By becoming a certified DNA sampler, you will make significant cost-savings by eliminating the sampler fees associated with using external samplers. It will also provide greater flexibility for you and your clients, at the same time as speeding up the whole process, since samples can be taken when meeting to discuss other matters related to the case.

One of our largest local authority customers in the North of England now has over 25 trained samplers at their offices, all of whom are fully competent in collecting samples. We have recently worked out that this could have saved them approximately £10,000 in collection fees.

If this is something you are interested in and would like further information, please contact our friendly customer service team on 0800 036 2522 or email us on