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DNA testing for Immigration

Cellmark has been providing DNA immigration testing services for customers since 1987. Our results are accepted by UK Visas & Immigration as well as immigration departments in countries around the globe. For information relating to passport applications please visit the Governments website.

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Next DNA testing as standard

Next Day DNA testing - as standard

If all your samples reach us by 10am we can get the DNA test report to you by the end of the next working day at no extra cost.

Thanks to the advances in DNA testing technology, Cellmark is able to deliver Next Day results using the most conclusive 24 marker genetic analysis system. Our 'Next Day DNA' service applies to all of the relationship types we test for, including paternity, maternity, sibling, grandparent and avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) tests.

Free Confidential Advice

Please call our customer services team free, in confidence, on 0800 036 2522 if you have any questions about immigration DNA testing. 

If you're looking to register a DNA test in support of your visa application or as part of an appeal against a decision based upon a disputed relationship and English isn't your or your client's first language Cellmark now offers instant translation services over the telephone for the majority of languages.

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Immigration DNA testing FAQs

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Our standard immigration DNA testing charges are £396 +VAT for up to 3 individuals (e.g Mother, Father and Child) and then £133 +VAT per additional person. In addition, you will need to pay the cost of having the DNA samples taken.

Up to 3 people


£396 +VAT

Each additional person


£133 +VAT

We can also arrange the use of couriers to speed up the sending of kits and returning of samples.

Useful Links

If you wish to get free, independent, advice we recommend contacting one of the following:

The Law Centres network
Citizens Advice

You can also pay for advice from a local legal advisor or solicitor – a number of firms have responded to the legal aid changes by offering fixed price services.