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Aunt or Uncle DNA Test

Aunt/Uncle (Avuncular) testing can be useful for establishing a relationship in situations where the parents are not available to be tested. It can be used to examine the relationship between a child and a possible aunt or uncle, although the inclusion of other close relatives in the test is always recommended.

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What is aunt/uncle DNA testing?

This type of testing can be useful for establishing a relationship with a parent (such as a father) in situations where that parent is not available to be tested (the paternal aunt or uncle is therefore tested in place of the father). It is possible to just compare the DNA profile of a child with an alleged aunt or uncle, however because of the patterns of DNA inheritance, it may not always reveal the true nature of the relationship or provide strong evidence. To increase the likelihood of the DNA analysis being able to establish the relationship with a missing parent (such as the father) it is always advisable to include the mother of the child, if this is possible.

How do I register for testing?

You can complete your DNA testing registration using our online registration service or if you'd prefer by calling Cellmark's Customer Services team on 0800 036 2522. Cellmark will assist with arranging a convenient time for an appointment for the DNA samples to be taken using:

  1. Our dedicated sampling service
  2. Your own GP
  3. A GP from the list we supply

If you use a GP you should allow at least two days for Cellmark to deliver the DNA sampling kit to the chosen doctor(s). Each person being sampled will also need two passport-sized photographs or photo ID with them to confirm their identity. However, if you elect to use Cellmark's sampling service they will have kits and forms and no photographs are required as they will be taken digitally. 

Next Day testing

As with all of our DNA relationship testing services we offer a Next Day DNA service, as standard at no extra cost. This means that if all the DNA samples for your test arrive at our UK laboratory before 10am, we aim to send the test result to you by the end of the next working day by email.

Next DNA testing as standard

DNA test cost

Our standard DNA testing charges are £324 +VAT for up to 3 individuals and then £133 +VAT per additional person. 

Up to 3 people


£324 +VAT

Each additional person


£133 +VAT

Please note, in addition to the DNA testing cost, you will also need to pay to have the DNA samples taken. Our customer services team can provide full details on how the sampling process works and the costs involved.

Free Confidential Advice

A DNA test can be a life changing experience and therefore we would urge potential customers to consider whether it is the best interests of all parties involved, and that you have their consent, before deciding to proceed with testing. Please call our customer services team free, in confidence, on 0800 036 2522 if you have any questions about paternity testing. 

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Accredited Laboratory

As a member of the Ministry of Justice's list of accredited bodies, Cellmark is accredited to carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969. Our laboratory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire is accredited to ISO 17025 and certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 international quality standards.

accredited laboratory

Home DNA Testing

In addition to legal or Court approved testing we also provide a 'peace of mind' or 'curiosity' home testing service. Please visit our DNA@home site for more information and to purchase one of our home DNA test kits. 

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